Saturday, 9 April 2016

A Month of Meals #1

Since becoming vegan, I've started enjoying being in the kitchen more and more again. I've been loving trying out new recipes as well as adapting old favourites. Since I love talking and reading about food, I thought I'd start a new series of What I Eat in a Day. My plan is to either do it monthly or bi-weekly - sharing some examples of what I ate during the previous weeks. This first post is a mix of meals from February and March

My go-to breakfast is porridge, which I probably have nine days out of ten. My favourite topping all throughout winter has been almond milk, maple syrup, almond butter, goji berries and cinnamon. It's such a wonderful combination and keeps me full right up until lunch time! Once in a while I change it up a bit, and two examples from March are this banana, cacao and date smoothie, and then toasted bagels with almond butter, banana coins and goji berries.

I used to be really unimaginative with my lunches, but I've started changing it up a bit more recently. Clockwise from the top: roasted butternut squash, chickpea and kale with sundried tomatoes and buckwheat; sweet potato and coconut soup; sesame-miso brown rice, roasted butternut squash, sesame kale and avocado; avocado on rye bread. I always want lunch to be quick, so I'll either have leftovers from dinner (like the soup was), or I'll make sure to prepare something one night that will last in the fridge for a few days. I also regularly go back to avocado on rye bread or on toast - it's just so simple, quick and delicious!

Dinner is when I'll spend a bit more time on my food. I've been really enjoying Deliciously Ella's second book since I got it at the end of January, and all of the above meals are actually from that book! Clockwise; pasta arrabbiata with spinach; baked sweet potato with black beans, mushrooms, avocado and kale; mashed potato bowl with sweetcorn, asparagus and kale; turmeric quinoa curry. Sometimes I'll make just one portion, like I did with the pasta arrabbiata, but most of the time I'll make bigger batches and freeze them in portions, or have them for lunch the next day. I don't cook dinner every single evening, but usually eat the same thing a few days in the week, which saves me both money and time!

I hope you found that interesting! My plan for the future is to find something other than my crinkled bedsheets to take photos on, and to try recipes that aren't from Deliciously Ella... 

Love, Mimmi