Sunday, 1 May 2016

A Month of Meals #2

What I Eat in a Day Muted Mornings

Because I enjoyed putting together my first What I Eat in a Day so much, and because you seemed to enjoy it, I've decided to make these posts a regular sort of series on this blog. My last post was mostly based on February and March, and this post is all things I ate in April. Let's have a look!

Smoothie bowls
Matcha smoothie bowl with muesli, chia seeds and goji berries // A├žai bowl with muesli, shredded coconut and chia seeds. 

For breakfast I've been absolutely loving making smoothie bowls. The weather was lovely for the first bit of April, making smoothie bowl perfect, but even now that it's cold and dreary again I've made them quite a lot. That said, I still have porridge over 50% of the time, but completely forgot to take a photo of any of my porridge bowls... 

Avocado on rye bread, courgetti, pasta
Avocado and tomatoes on rye bread // courgetti with avocado pesto sauce and pine nuts // pasta with broccoli, chickpeas, sundried tomatoes and various herbs.

Lunch has mostly been either left-overs or avocado on rye bread, because I like when lunch is quick and easy. I brought some rye bread from Sweden and put in the freezer, which is so handy! A few times, when I've had a little bit more time, I've rustled up some courgetti or some pasta with veggies. I've also used my food processor to make my own pesto sauces, which is so quick and easy!

Vegan dinners

Sweet potato and chickpea buddha bowl (adapted from Minimalist Baker) // Buddha bowl with basmati rice, avocado, and spinach & black beans fried in miso and garlic, topped with chilli flakes (from Deliciously Ella's second book) // Almond stir fry (from Deliciously Ella's app) // Coconut brown rice with peas, mint and cashes (from The Kitchy Kitchen) with a side of kale.

I really need to work on being more creative with how I photograph my meals, don't I? That's my goal for next month. I've made a few more meals than these, but these were definitely my favourites. I also made a really scrummy sweet potato crust pizza (using this recipe from Blissful Basil) which I didn't photograph. I'd also like to note that not all my dinners are this put together. For example, the other day I had Tesco's sweet potato falafel with mashed potato and broccoli, which was yummy but didn't deserve a photo. 

I'm a big snacker. Especially now that it's exam season and I'm stuck inside revising all the time, I snack a lot. Dates and nuts are a favourite, as are sliced bananas or apples with some sort of nut butter. I'm also loving matcha right now, and have made my own matcha lattes a couple of times. I've used both rice milk and almond milk (both from Rude Health), but must say I prefer it with almond milk! And for an evening treat I've made chocolate mug cakes a few times, because sometimes you really need something chocolatey... 

What have you been eating in April?

Love, Mimmi