Tuesday, 12 July 2016

A Wee Catch-Up

So, it's been a while. Over a month, in fact. I'm not going to make excuses or apologise though, because sometimes blogging breaks are very much needed, and I seem to have been in dire need of one. I felt uninspired, out of touch and simply not in the mood to spend much time on social media, and I even lost touch with instagram and twitter a bit. Not as much as with blogging, but I definitely haven't felt as inspired by it, or interested in it.

I've started missing it all though. I miss being part of the wonderful blogging community. I miss reading and commenting on posts, and receiving comments back. I miss writing, I miss photographing, and I miss creating. So to ease myself back into it, I thought a catch-up sort of post would be ideal. 

June was a funny month. Parts of it were really shitty, and parts of it were absolutely wonderful. The crappy bits involved stressing about the move, stressing about some problems with my old flat that I won't go into, being sad and angry about that horrible thing called Brexit, and a general sense of unease that kept catching hold of me. 

But there were good bits too. Quite a few of them, actually.

I met up with Charlene and Nicole on the 11th for the Big Vegan Fete and for lunch at The Flying Duck, and it was really great getting to meet two of my favourite bloggers again, while also enjoying yummy vegan food and cakes. Hopefully I'll be seeing both of them again in August for Edinburgh's Vegan Festival.

My mum came to visit from the 19th to the 23rd, and it was lovely to spend some quality mother-daughter time with her. One day we went on a bus tour up in the Highlands - to Oban, Inveraray, Glen Coe and some other places. It was ridiculously beautiful, and I have some photos that I might share on the blog. The other days were simply spent wandering around Glasgow, stopping for food, coffee and beer, and enjoying each other's company.

Then came preparing for the move. We officially moved in on the 1st of July, but my flatmate Erika actually moved in late on the 29th and I moved most of my stuff on the 30th. The previous tenants had really not cleaned before they left (grrrr), so we had to spend quite a lot of time on organising, tidying up, throwing things away and cleaning, which was both time-consuming and exhausting. It's now looking really lovely though, and I'm happy to have moved. Yesterday we got the IKEA delivery we had been waiting for as well, so now I've finally got a comfy mattress (no more uncomfortable nights!) and a full-length mirror. 

June also involved spending lots of time with friends, and so has July so far. I've got a pretty fantastic friends group right now, and I'm so thankful I found these people. Last time this year I had lost a few of my friends and was feeling pretty lonely, but it is true that things always get better. Erika and I had a flat warming party this Saturday, and since most of our friends are mutual friends it was essentially a big gathering of our favourite people, which was great fun.

Other than that, I'm working quite a lot at the moment. Today is one of my two days off this week, and next week is looking much the same. On the plus side my sister is coming over next Tuesday for a while, and the week after that I'm heading down to London to see my other sister, who's coming over from Sweden!

Here's hoping the rest of July and the whole of August will be good months. 

How has your summer been so far?

Love, Mimmi.