Friday, 19 August 2016

Seagulls, Sunshine and Sea Breezes: A Daytrip to Brighton

Brighton lanes

Brighton Pier


Brighton beach

Brighton beach

Brighton Beach Walk



I've wanted to visit Brighton for a long time now. Who hasn't seen the picturesque seaside town featured in various blog posts and vlogs? Up until this summer's trip down south, the only place in England that I had properly visited was London, and my sister and I were both keen to see some more of the South. We had quite a few days in London, and decided to fit in a day trip to Brighton. So when the weather predictions showed sunshine and 24 degrees on Sunday, we immediately picked that as the day to head out to the seaside. 

Brighton really lives up to its name - it's bright, fun and cheerful. There are tiny lanes that twist together and create a sort of picturesque, pleasant labyrinth. Pastel flags hang criss-cross above cute little coffee shops, quirky shops and tourist traps. There's the shrieks of seagulls mixed with laughter and chatter of people, and the tunes of the odd street musician.

And then there is the pier and the beach. The pier is perhaps the most well-known spot in Brighton, and it does look spectacular when you approach it, exuding merriment and brightness. Personally though, the arcades, the rides, the noise and the colours, it was all a bit too much. 

I did enjoy the beach walk though, despite it being absolutely crowded and a little bit noisy. It was a warm and sunny day, and it seemed that everyone was out enjoying the sunshine, and so the cheerfulness was contagious. Getting to dip our feet in the water was also a highlight. This summer hasn't provided an opportunity for swimming, but that was as close to it I could get.

We spent our day wandering around, basking in the sunshine, soaking in the many impressions and enjoying the light-hearted, fun-loving atmosphere. Brighton feels like the quintessential summer town, and it's difficult to imagine it in anything other than sunshine (but hey, it's the UK after all, so there must be plenty of rainy days there, too...). 

Have you ever been to Brighton?

Love, Mimmi.