Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #1


Blackberries in hand

I'm joining in the Wonderful Wednesday gang and morphing my dusty old Happy Posts into something... well, very very similar but also a little bit sparkly and new. Let's get onto it...

:: Friends; friends who make you laugh when you'd rather cry, who are there when things are tough, with wise words, support and encouragement, and who you can be both utterly silly and serious with.

:: Doing what I've been thinking of for several months and dyeing the ends of my hair purple. Sometimes it's okay to be a little bit shallow, and receiving compliments for something so simple like your hair actually does give your confidence a little boost. 

:: A day trip to Edinburgh, including a trek up Arthur's seat to admire the breathtaking view, fuelling up on almond milk mochas and vegan cake, wandering through the most beautiful museum, and then a stop in Linlithgow for a delicious, warming, homemade lentil dahl.

:: Getting back into dancing several times a week, and noticing how much I have improved in a year, but also how much there still is to learn. It's strange to think how important it has become to life in only a year.

:: The start of the new year at university, and forcing my brain into working hard again. It's a little bit dusty and rusty at the moment, but hopefully the exciting modules I'm taking will polish it right up.

:: Blackberries, ripe and juicy, bursting full of sweetness, and scattered along my favourite walking route, just asking to be picked and enjoyed.

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What has made you happy recently?