Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #3

Last week was really rather hectic, and Wednesday came and went in a flash. This week I'm back with another Wonderful Wednesday post however, so here we go...

:: That magical light right up there. October so far has been absolutely beautiful, with warm sunlight, blue skies, crunchy leaves and a chill in the air. Every year I fall in love with this month over again.

:: Knowing that I'll be going home over Christmas. I wasn't sure I would be, but then mum got me plane tickets as an early Christmas present and convinced me to think of my own well-being and leave work before Christmas. I feel suddenly lighter, knowing that I'll have a proper Christmas with my family this year. 

:: The amazingly creamy coconut milk chocolate I found reduced to £1.60 in Waitrose. Yay for vegan chocolate! I might have to run back for some more, because I already finished the pack... 

:: An afternoon browse in Oxfam's second-hand bookshop and leaving the shop with a few new books in my bag. Not that I have time to read anything that isn't for university these days, but just filling up my bookshelf makes me happy.

:: Brunch with a dearly missed friend who came up from London over the weekend. A whole group of us got together for brunch on Sunday morning, and it was lovely to see her in person again. 

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How has your week been so far?

Love, Mimmi